Thursday, July 17, 2008

Trees, flowers and Iguana

Greetings, this posting could also be called, Flora and Fauna, Iguana Wanna, Bwanna!
Ha ha! Ok, now I'm having way too much fun! First I'll show you some Flora.

This palm tree has managed to keep growing inspite of the new tenants setting up housekeeping in it so even though you can't see the critters, this is an example of what can happen when Flora meets Fauna!

Above and below are Almond trees, I wanted to show their growing habits, see how the branches spread out in layers.
Below is a sugar cane plant in my back yard, these shoots sprang out almost as soon as I put the stock in soil and both Basil and Molly like to eat the leaves. My buddy Charlie brought me an 18 inch stock of a sugar cane plant and told me to simply stick it in the ground as is, I'm going to get to taste sugar cane in the near future, sweet!

I love these blossoms (below) as they open as well as when they are opened, such intricate delicate flowers and the unfolding is as appealing as the full blooms, perhaps there is something to the anticipation as well.

There are flowers everywhere I go in San Pedro, these are all growing on the adjacent properties where I live. I bought a book about Belize plants and wanted to name them all for you but I borrowed it to Charlie, he brings me plants and coconut water and he is using the book to sell more plants to someone and I try to help him when I can so I didn't get to look these up. The pictures will have to speak for themselves.

Above is a double Hibiscus and below is a single with another single below that.

These flowers are all growing on the adjacent properties to my San Pedro Home, I'm blessed by all this beauty every day.

Most of the trees in the above pictures are growing on or near the property of a Resort called Banyan Bay where I have also been practicing Massage.

Cindy, who lives above me in the same building, works at Banyan Bay and she has been calling me to come on site and provide massage services for her clientele. Banyan Bay is a lovely resort on the beach front just a short bike ride from my home so I take a taxi over with my table and often I do the massages right on the balconies of the suites facing the beach. These are the views I get while I work. Life is grand!

The inner yard where the pool and bar are situated is beautifully landscaped and deck chairs line the beach.

Above is the main office building as seen from inside the center yard and below is a shot of a rose bush blooming along the walkway.

And now for the Fauna, Iguana, you wanna see this! Below, a three foot long Iguana suns itself on my Bob's boat which he keeps docked just off the deck in our back yard.

I awoke one Morning and began to set up my table to give Cindy a massage but the commotion outside interrupted my preparations. It seems Molly and Basil, Cindy's dog and cat had cornered some wildlife on Bob's boat. As I stuck my head out the door, Cindy called me to bring my camera and these are the shots she got of this incredible creature.

Cindy was certain that if it came to a fight, this creature would tear both her cat and dog to shreds. No doubt, look at those claws, and these guys are fast and powerful.

As I tried to move the chair that was blocking our view, the critter jumped into the water, I knew this might happen so I suggested that Cindy have the camera ready to snap as it jumped, as you can see below, it worked, she caught it in flight!

Hope you liked the pictures, bye for now, Namaste! Master Zac.

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