Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pelican Hangout in Belize

Belize seems to be a major Pelican Hangout! They are everywhere so I thought I'd share some pictures. I really need a tripod with me all the time but so far I've only used it from my home. I'll think about that and it too shall come to pass, in Belize time, which is a saying here, that I think is used in every village, town and city in the world. Here it usually means "within a half hour or so on either side of" when referring to the time of day, it can also mean, "within a few months, perhaps after" when referring to getting a job done, depending on the size of job and material requirments. Materials are difficult to predict, everything comes from off the Island and most things come from out of the country. Belize needs to build more manufacturing plants and grow its export business, I think! Its a small country, in Winnipeg where I was born and raised there were at least 600,000 and up to 700,000 people my whole life and Belize has less than 300,000 even now and they are spread out over an area the size of Southern Manitoba, not even!!!

Here they are on the beach side at 8:30 in the morning the day I went for my first day at my first official work day. Yes, I now have my work permit. I flew to Belize Municipal Airport and was picked up and taken to Belmopan and walked through the process by a kind gentleman from Belize City who shall remain nameless, and I am now legal and I no longer am required to get my passport stamped for another month visitor visa and that saves me fifty bucks Bz a month as well.
Emily teaches Yoga at a few resorts, her partner John is the Didgeridoo player I love to jam with and I joined them in a yoga session and later when I shared my news about my work permit coming soon, she suggested I call Costa Maya Reef Resort and apply as Massage Therapist and I did and here I am on my way there.
Ok, that is not me, I'm taking the picture from another Island Ferry Boat, but that looks like me at the back of the boat facing the camera, head and shoulders above the Belizeans. Sorry about the clarity, its hard to shoot on a moving boat. This next shot reminds me of the movie Apocolypse Now! I shot it because there are no buildings, so you can see there is still some beach front property that has not yet been developed.

But it won't be long, the barges are constantly bringing in more concrete, sand and cinder blocks.

One barge arriving full (above) and one leaving empty (below) during the same forty-five minute boat ride.

Of course you also see Sail boats every day as well, sailing along the reef and loving the coast lined with coconut trees. Stopping to drop anchor and snorkel the many incredibly lovely spots where anchors sites are more easily accessible without damaging the reef.

(above) We arrived at Costa Maya Reef Resort.

(below) I am walking up the dock looking at the main offices and restaurant of Costa Maya.

Lovely Maya stylized Totem poles all over the Island, and and incredible amount of good carvers here.

A few days after starting at Costa May, I got a call from Pelican Reef Villas to come and provide massage service. She asked me for my information months ago and this was her first time using me. This resort is south of where I live so I go by taxi and its much quicker and cheaper and more convenient because I don't have to wait for the water taxi schedule, but I love the boat ride so its all good. Look at the pool at Pelican Reef, that rock pile at the back is the bar which serves from both the water side and the court yard beyond.

Lovely landscaping as I walked to my massage station.

(bleow) Looking up the beach to the North.

(above) looking down the beach to the south.

Pelican Reef's mascot.
Its so good to be working. I am also getting more local business from friends I've met here and Cindy, who loves in the suite above me now works at Banyan Bay and she has called me to provide massage services for her clients as well. So far just for emergency service but she is going to apply to put me on the regular use list. Thanks Cindy, if you g to Taco Girls blog you can find a link to Cindy's blog as well. I am going to learn how to put link on and I'll get those on this site for you soon.

Thanks for visiting, hope you like the picutres, come and vsit, ts a lovely part of the planet.

Master Zac, Hot in Belize

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