Monday, March 24, 2008

Second look and New Years Eve, 07

Welcome, this posting is dedicated to showing a few more before and after images
of the development of Brahma Blue Resort and some pics of our
New Years Eve Celebration at the Blue Lotus Restaurant.

First we have the Palapa on the Pier that will soon become the Blue Lotus Restaurant, notice the town of San Pedro, a two minute boat ride across the waters.

Below we see that same Palapa ready for business and receiving guests for lunch.

The above and below images show the interior on Blue Lotus with guests at our first celebration that took place New Years Eve, 07/08

Below is the Restaurant Manager, also from Winnipeg, Herb, guitar and vocals and his band, Rawhide with James on drums, Adam on Bass and Master Zac sitting in on Percussion for the New Years Eve Celebration

We also had a fire show, below you can see Paul spinning Poi while I drum for him. Paul's incredible, he spent nine years learning Poi in Thailand, I started learning to spin last November, its fun!

Below we see the path from the resort walking to the East side of Caribbean Cove and the Pier leading to the Blue Lotus Restaurant, the landscaping is quite minimal here to date.

and below we see the same path looking to the West, showing the acreage yet to be developed between the Restaurant and the first Condo building.

There is still much to do and this pathway will remain like this for some time. The next phase of construction is to build my health spa and two more condo buildings on the West Beach at the far end of this walkway.

The above image shows a small palapa which is located on a Peninsula on the Northwestern extreme edge of our property and it is a multi use area for group sessions, conferences and meetings as well as providing a shaded area for Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Yoga and meditation.

As you can see this peninsula provides some isolation away from the rest of the resort for a sense of privacy, I will be able to offer massage sessions here as well as in your room.

The above image shows the amount of shade that will be available under this palapa for comfort during the heat of the day.
As you can see below, when these plants grow in size, this area will be a lovely tropical garden.

Next I want to show you the two stations at pool side where we will be offering
Massage Services and Aesthetics.

Setting up for the fist time.

Shelter from the sun with the option of dropping the blinds for more privacy

Leave your partner or kids playing in the pool while you enjoy a relaxing massage

As Ganesh watches over us, clearing obstacles in our path with one sweep of It's mighty trunk

I couldn't have come to Belize without the support of my daughter Larissa and her mother Linda who had to stay behind, they just got all dolled up to go to a concert, "Love your nails!"

They are my two biggest supporters back home, before leaving Winnipeg
I gave them a web cam so we could stay in touch

Yes, and I love you too Larissa, now please join me is saying Namaste

Blessings, Peace and Light to all!

Above: Taco Girl took this shot at Christmas Eve off the front Beach.

Below: Alan took this sunset at Brahma Blue, can you say tranquility?
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